June 1, 2017 - In Case Studies, News Articles, Volunteers

Jeffer Garib is an Arabic and Kurdish interpreter at Arimathea Trust. He has a major role in making refugees and asylum seekers feel more secure and confident as they do not feel the language barrier anymore. We are so grateful for the work that Jeffer has done for us as it has enabled our residents to communicate with support staff about issues that are affecting them. Without good interpreters it can be difficult to know exactly what someone wants to get out of living in NAT accommodation.  He has been volunteering for Arimathea for three years and says “I would like to continue volunteering for some more years! I would also like to do interpreting more often, I enjoy my work very much.”  Jeffer got involved in the organisation after finishing his interpreting courses in 2015 and says, “I then tried to find volunteering opportunities and found out about NAT. I like giving back to the society, to people in general, so Arimathea sounded like the right option for me”.  Jeffer has done some other activities as well for Arimathea, such as doing talks about refugees and asylum seekers for awareness and has participated in art workshops with refugees. Speaking of the art workshops he ads “It was nice, I had the opportunity to get to know better some of the refugees, it was a touching and very good experience.” For his interpreting job in general he thinks it’s a very good opportunity for improving your interpreting skills and at the same time giving a hand to the community. Well done Jeffer!