Case Study – Badr*

November 27, 2017 - In Case Studies, News Articles

Badr was housed by Nottingham Arimathea Trust in a one bedroom supported flat when he moved to Nottingham after being granted refugee status in 2015. His wife and son joined him through family reunion visas after about 2 months of him living in our accommodation and we supported the family in looking for more suitable accommodation. Whilst they were looking for a bigger place to live we were approached by a private landlord with a property that he wanted to be used to house refugees. This was offered to the family and they moved in the early months of 2015. Support workers and NAT then supported the family to register with doctors and schools in the area and found a nursery nearby which his son could attend. We also supported A with job searching and he soon found part-time work as a mechanic which was his profession in his home country. In October Badr’s wife gave birth to a little girl and we ensured that both mother and baby were accessing the correct financial and medical support. Next year the oldest child will start school and his mother will hopefully start some English classes nearby which provide childcare.

*names have been changed for anonymity