Case Study – Joseph*

December 11, 2017 - In Case Studies, News Articles

Joseph was housed by Nottingham Arimathea Trust a few months before he became eligible to apply for leave to remain based on length of stay in the UK. As soon as he moved in to our accommodation he became actively involved in the trust, volunteering by cooking at events and interpreting informally for one of his housemates. He was told that he wouldn’t be able to obtain legal aid for his case and so came to us for help with paying legal fees. We set up a fundraising page for Joseph also held a World Food Festival event where he cooked a delicious meal which our supporters donated money for. In addition we appealed for some small grant funders willing to fund individuals. Through the course of our fundraising a solicitor offered to complete the application for leave to remain on a pro-bono basis. The application was submitted shortly after and Joseph was granted Section 4 accommodation so left Arimathea Trust housing. A few months later we received the fantastic news that A had been granted leave to remain and was able to finally begin rebuilding his life in the UK.

*names have been changed for anonymity