Help For Newly Recognised Refugees

When you first get your leave to remain in the UK there are a lot of things you need to do to enable you to find somewhere to live. It is complicated as these are new systems you haven’t had to deal with before. When you get your status you should immediately contact Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum by visiting them at 9:00am Monday – Thursday at Sycamore Centre, Hungerhill Road, St Anns, Nottingham. They can allocate a support worker to you to help you access benefits, get a bank account and all the things you will need to get somewhere to live. We work closely with Refugee Futures and they will call us to see if we have somewhere available for you if you fit our criteria.

How To Get Referred

NAT is a very small organisation and therefore we do not have capacity to keep our own waiting list or take direct referrals from people in need. You can only be referred to NAT for refugee housing by an advisor at Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum.