New House Opening in October 2014

September 26, 2014 - In Housing, News Articles

With thanks to Nottingham City Parish, we are taking over the management of a 6 bedroomed house close to the city centre but also not far from Hyson Green & Radford. The house will be split between destitute asylum seekers (3 bed spaces) and newly recognised refugees (3 bed spaces). This enables us to charge some rent to the refugees who are entitled to public funds, which enables us to fund the running of the house for everyone. This is the first time we are utilising this method of housing, which is proving to work very well in Middlesborough where Open Door North-East have been kindly supporting us with advice  to help us understand this “mixed model” of housing.

If this house is successful, we hope we can expand this model to enable us to better meet the housing needs of both destitute asylum seekers and newly recognised refugees. Helping both client groups rebuild their lives in Nottingham.