July 25, 2018


This week the residents enjoyed a tour of the Nottingham City Centre. We also took advantage of the Hoodwinked Trail and went on a quest to spot as many robins as possible. Each robin was decorated to showcase and celebrate an aspect of Nottingham and its people. This presented a fantastic opportunity for the residents to learn more about the historical and cultural influences of Nottingham.

First, we visited St Mary’s church and as it was a lovely day, we got to experience the sunlight coming though the colourful stained glass windows. While touring the theatres we had a chance to go into Nottingham Playhouse and we were lucky enough to have a private guide inside one of their theatres!

As it was a beautiful British summer afternoon, Old Market Square was especially busy with its many rides and attractions. With Nottingham being one of the furthest cities from the beach, a mock beach was placed right in the heart of the city. The residents really took to this and insisted on having a little photoshoot in front!

They also got to explore some of medieval Nottingham through the many pubs and caves. Dating all the way back to the 1400’s and 1500’s, the residents learnt about the ancient methods of beer making. They also got to appreciate the architecture with the wooden ceilings and the stone floors. This painted a great picture of the contrast between old and new Nottingham.

The residents thoroughly enjoyed this tour of city, especially coupled with the excitement of the robin spotting. We look forward to next week’s tour at the University of Nottingham!