Row, Row, Row Your Boats!

July 27, 2018


What a fun day we had on University Park Campus! It was a wonderful turn out, something we could not have possibly anticipated! We had planned a lovely picnic and boat ride for all the residents and we were all very excited to see what the day would entail.

With the sun shining down on us, we set out to the campus to embark on our fun-filled trip. Having walked for about five minutes or so, we suddenly saw the perfect photo opportunity. There on the top of the hill shining brightly, was the multi-coloured Nottingham sign.  We seized the chance to get some excellent photos, embracing our inner supermodels. The residents loved it so much it turned into a bit of a photoshoot for some of them!

After that, we went on the hunt for the perfect picnic spot and we certainly found it. On the top of the banks, by the lake, under the cooling shade of the trees, we settled ourselves to enjoy a delicious spread of a picnic. It was a lovely opportunity for both residents and staff to relax and enjoy each other’s company. The residents really appreciated the views of the landscapes surrounding the campus.

The next adventure was a boat ride down on Highfields Lake. While some were a little reserved about being on the water, we managed to convince most of them to get on the various boats. Everyone really enjoyed working together to manoeuvre their boats, some teams worked better than others! It was a great way to see different parts of the campus, including the infamous Trent Building and the forest grounds.

Everyone had a great time paddling about on the lake, this time some more vigorously than others! This resulted in a few of our members getting soaked which I’m sure they welcomed given the weather conditions!