June 1, 2017 - In Case Studies, News Articles, Volunteers


Glenis runs English classes ones a week at Arimathea Trust. She plays an essential role in integrating refugees and asylum seekers into the society by teaching them the national language, enabling them to feel more confident, and making them able to speak for themselves and meet people.  We are so grateful for the work that Glenis has done for us as it has enabled our residents to communicate with support staff about issues that are affecting them and also to feel more integrated in the British society. Without good English teachers it can be difficult for refugees and asylum seekers to integrate and to feel comfortable in their new country.  Glenis has volunteered at NAT for around a year. She got involved by joining Skills Exchange and heard about Arimathea through it. She came along to the AGM (Annual General Meeting). She then adds ”When I lost my teaching  job I rang NAT to ask them if it would be of use to have me teaching English at the organisation.” When we asked her what had she gained from her experience from volunteering she said she gained confidence in herself and learned that her language skills could make a positive difference in people’s lives. She finally adds ”I love giving and it gives me so much to give!”. Talking about the difficulties she encounters in her job, she says ”My hearing is not so good anymore and I get tired easily now that I am older, but that’s why two hours of class a week is alright!” (she laughs).  She says she is very well supported at NAT and adds ”Now I have an assistant, it’s wonderful!” (she laughs again). Well done to this hard working lady!