June 2, 2017 - In Case Studies, News Articles, Volunteers

Mirriam volunteers with us at the Soul Food Café and bakes cakes for different events. She also helps us to raise awareness of homelessness and destitution among asylum seekers and refugees by giving speeches and attending public discussions. Mirriam got involved with Arimathea when she moved into NAT accommodation “I was a client, an asylum seeker”, but she admits “I always enjoyed volunteering. I like to give back to society what has been given to me.” We are so grateful for the work that Mirriam has done for us as it has enabled our residents and society to meet each other and for people from the host community to learn about refugees, asylum seekers and about NAT’s work. We are also very grateful for all the time, effort and love she puts into her cooking and into her awareness talks. Mirriam has been volunteering with us for three years and says she would like to continue volunteering. She has not only volunteered with NAT but she has volunteered in Refugee Forum, at the café and clothes bank and at the Red Cross ESOL classes as well. When we asked Mirriam what difficulties she had encountered during her volunteering she said “NAT is very supportive of their volunteers, they hold workshops and training sessions.” And she adds “With the help of NAT I now have my own vegetable garden, NAT provides me with the seeds and equipment and I have learned to cultivate the crops.” Finally, when we asked her what she had learned from the experience of volunteering with NAT, she replied that she learned she was able to share her skills and talents with others to make people happy. Then Mirriam adds “I find it a honour and a privilege, at the same time, to support NAT in its work of helping destitute asylum seekers.” Well done for this admirable, courageous and very generous woman!