Here Come the Girls! 

July 25, 2018

Last week we debuted our first ever women’s group. The idea behind it was to encourage the women to meet other residents and build on their confidence by learning new skills. In our first session we decided to start with a few fun games and activities.

We first had a small icebreaker where the ladies made name cards and decorated them with illustrations about themselves. This ranged from where they were from, what food they liked to their favourite hobbies and weather. The premise behind it was to beat the language barrier and be able to introduce yourself without words. It also allowed for an opportunity to find some common ground with other members in the group.

We then played a game of bingo in order to build up the momentum and excitement of the group. A dose of healthy competition really got the energy of the group going.

The final activity was a card making activity where the women made Eid cards for the upcoming celebration in August. The ladies came up with so many beautiful designs and techniques to make each of their cards stand out. These will be sold at a summer festival at a stall hosted by NAT. With the music in the background and the food and drink flowing, it was a very enjoyable way to start the day.