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Helping Hands


When you first get your leave to remain status in the UK you should immediately contact Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum (NNRF) by visiting them at 9:00am Monday - Thursday at Sycamore Centre, Hungerhill Road, St Anns, Nottingham. They can assist with referrals to NAT and also help you to claim benefits.


If you are a destitute Asylum Seeker and living in Nottingham you should go to an advice session at Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum. Advice sessions run Monday – Thursday 10 - 3 and are on a first come first seen basis.

To get into an advice session you are best to arrive by around 12:30pm. An advisor will make sure you are able to get food each week and £40 in cash every 4 weeks.


Unfortunately, Nottingham Arimathea Trust is very limited by the amount of accommodation we have available. 


We do not provide emergency accommodation.


If you or anyone that you know is facing street homelessness, you can contact the Street Outreach Team at Framework on 0800 066 53 56.


We accept referrals for our supported accommodation from partner agencies, such as NNRF and Refugee Roots as well as many more. 

We do not accept self-referrals, if you need support, please visit Refugee Forum as a first priority. 

Please email to find out further information. 

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