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Legal Project

We are so pleased that we are now able to offer our destitute residents the legal support they need to make a fresh asylum claim with the Home Office. This is thanks to the diligent efforts of our Fresh Claims Caseworker, Rebecca Kogan, who is now busy meeting clients, offering advice and supporting them to collect relevant evidence. NAT is registered with the OISC at Level 3, Asylum and Protection. Registration number N201900071.

Legal Consultant
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clothes bank

The Clothes Bank is an impressive project that supports many people to get the clothes, shoes, toiletries and other basic necessities they need. 

It is run by a brilliant team of volunteers who are full of creative ideas, energy and passion to help people.

Support and

We have a fantastic support team working tirelessly to help our residents get the support they need whilst working with them to help them find their own permanent housing - a place to call home.

At present we support 45 people across our 20 properties. 



Our wonderful Gemma and the research team are currently going through the findings which have included interviews with people who have been subject to immigration control and forced destitution, as well as community services and faith groups, health workers and educators. The aim is to understand more about the experience of our refused asylum seekers as well as enhance and celebrate the existing resources, compassion and solidarity in Nottingham.

Image by Dan Dimmock


We are delighted to have merged with Host and have Katie on our team now as the Volunteering & Host Project Coordinator. We know that this will enable us to deliver more holistic support to all of our residents and clients. 

At the moment we have 4 people hosted with families across the city and are working to place more people in the next few weeks.

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